The Insider's Guide to Procrastination

Lorna Harvey
4 min readApr 14, 2022

Why do we procrastinate?

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Procrastination is more than a symptom; it’s a disease. It tends to worsen over time and can lead to other complications.

If you procrastinate, you should consider what you’re “putting off” and whether it’s really worthwhile.

If you realize that procrastination is more than a minor inconvenience, you may begin to address the problem and build more effective time management techniques.

Realizing what you’re doing when you postpone is the most important step in fighting procrastination.

“Why am I procrastinating?” is a good question to ask.

Maybe it’s to make you feel like you’re making progress. Perhaps it’s a coping mechanism, a means to take your mind off something unpleasant or uncomfortable.

How do you get rid of procrastination and reclaim control over your time?

Consider the following suggestions:

Recognize the bad habit.

You might discover that re-prioritizing your workload is the source of your procrastination.

Procrastination is defined as the act of deferring a necessary duty for a good cause.

Procrastination, on the other hand, is a problem if you never get back to finishing these vital chores or if you keep focusing on other functions to avoid the important ones.

You can know if you’re delaying if you do any of the following: You make it a point to fill your day with non-urgent tasks.

Alternatively, you could spend time reading the same emails numerous times a day without making a decision about what to do with them.

You’re also procrastinating if you start an important task and then go get a cup of coffee.

When you never get back to finish something, you know it’s procrastination.

Get down to business.

Spending too much time debating whether or not to act is a definite way to postpone.

Rather than discussing, take action and complete the task at hand. If you let it slip, you’ll only regret not doing it.

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