How to Avoid Regret in Life

Lorna Harvey
3 min readSep 23, 2022
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It is challenging to avoid regret throughout your life. There is a chance that no matter where you are right now, there are certain things you wish you had done differently.

You will better grasp life and learn to live without regret when you try to view your circumstances from a different angle.

You can take measures to lessen regret in your life, even if you won’t be able to remove it. Attempt to maintain organization in your life and lead a fulfilling life.

Decide on Your Priorities

Sorting out your priorities is one step you can take to start living without regret. Consider your ultimate objective when making decisions.

Are you content with your current situation and your plans? You have nothing to regret if you are happy and following your dream for your life.

If adjustments are necessary, starting small can be beneficial for you. You might experience a weight lifted once you have made decisions you are happy with. Your life is being destroyed by regret!

Follow the Golden Rule

Everyone can gain by following the golden rule in all aspects of life. All major world faiths are familiar with the golden rule. It is unique because, despite our differences, we can all agree on one idea.

The golden rule is, “Treat people how you would like to be treated,” and if you follow it, you will have few regrets.

You will be taught how always to be kind to other people. You will develop empathy and learn how to treat others decently.

You will be less likely to do something you will later regret if you put yourself in someone else’s position before acting.

Consider Quick Action

The following step is to move forward with haste in your life. There is only one life you have, and that is now.

What are you waiting for if your objectives are clear and you know what you want? Not taking action on things that are important to them is a typical regret.

Instead of delaying them until tomorrow, you must complete them now!



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